Still time to see Tropicana, from Holiday on Ice, at the Brighton Centre

SENSUOUS from start to finish, Tropicana, the latest show from Holiday on Ice, is promising to sweep you off your feet in Brighton.

The new show occupies its usual New Year slot at the Brighton Centre (until January 29) - a firm favourite on the calendar for thousands of people.

It comes created and choreographed by Olympic champion and Brighton resident Robin Cousins (pictured), the latest outing in his 32-year association with Holiday On Ice.

“I am very proud to have been a part of it for so many years. I made my debut with them as a professional in the summer of 1980. I had three and a half years with them as a guest star and then a sabbatical. This is now my tenth production as part of the creative team.”

In fact, for this one Robin is the creative team: “Any complaints, come to me!”

The chances are that there won’t be many. The point is that Robin understands the whole concept from the inside and with an understanding going back decades.

“I know that Holiday On Ice has had to go through a lot of changes through the years in order to keep it fresh and to keep up with things. But you try to keep the core of the show which is to give the audience what it wants.”

You don’t go all out for new audiences: you want the audience to grow naturally. Grandchildren who saw the show years ago are now bringing their own children and grandchildren.

“You could be frightened by that (weight of expectation), or you could be excited by it. When I was asked to create this show and go back to the drawing board, I knew in my heart what the core ingredients had to be. The music has to be accessible and visually exciting and it has to have glamour in the costumes, but at the same time you have to know that these are the things that can become extremely dated and old-fashioned.”

You have to move it forward: “And for me, the biggest change with Tropicana is the massive LED we have (as the backdrop to the show). With this show, we have a massive palette of video to use.

“I was in the States for work and I went to Las Vegas to get some creative juices flowing. A friend of mine was one of the designers working on a Celine Dion show, and she has this beautiful giant LED display. I did a bit of research and found the creative director, and I asked if he was interested in meeting.”

A key element of Tropicana had fallen into place…

The show will see more than 40 world-class skaters seamlessly gliding through smouldering boleros, sultry Latin rhythms, big band and high-octane rock ‘n’ roll.

As Robin says, it celebrates love and life.

With an original musical score, Tropicana also features interpretations of some of the best-loved songs from Barry Manilow including I Can’t Smile Without You, Mandy and Copacabana.