Strategy to market Hailsham as a medieval marvel

Medieval Hailsham
Medieval Hailsham

PLANS by the town authority to boost Hailsham’s economy by attracting businesses and promoting it as a Medieval marvel to tourists looks closer to becoming a reality – with the appointment of a new ‘business enterprise manager’.

Deputy Town Clerk Mickey Caira has been given the extra role and duties alongside his current responsibilites.

Medieval Hailsham

Medieval Hailsham

Mr Caira will be given the task of promoting the council’s revitalisation project aiming to improve the town economically and socially during the next four year period. He has been given the brief of promoting the profile of Hailsham as a ‘town open for business’ – attractive for new businesses to create employment opportunities.

Cllr Tony Williams, chairman of the Business Development Committee, said: “We are delighted to announce the appointment of Mickey Caira as business enterprise manager. His involvement will be invaluable in the revitalisation of Hailsham and we are very much looking forward to working with him.

“This is an extremely exciting time for the town council given the challenging town revitalisation plans we are setting out to achieve in the next four years.”

Mr Caira will continue in his role as Deputy Town Clerk whilst carrying out these duties and he will be working with the town council’s Business Development Committee and residents, to drive forward revitalisation plans, roll out a number of initiatives as decided by the town council and make recommendations on areas of improvement within the Hailsham area.

The town council also wants to attract tourism by redeveloping and marketing the town’s identity as a historic Medieval market town.

Cllr Steve McAuliffe was appointed oversight councillor for town centre and High Street regeneration last year.

He said: “Hailsham is a town that is rapidly developing and this needs to be reflected in the way it is managed. 

“Ensuring that we have a sustainable economic model and a desirable environment in which to live is of paramount importance.

“To do this effectively, and to ensure Hailsham is a town that reflects the needs and aspirations of its residents

, an officer dedicated to this task is essential.”