Street pastors sign new agreement with police

Police inspector Chris Veale, Martin West and Angela Scarlett
Police inspector Chris Veale, Martin West and Angela Scarlett

A special agreement has been drawn up between police and Hastings Street Pastors.

Hastings Neighbourhood Police Team Inspector Chris Veale, Angela Scarlett, chairman of Street Pastor’s Trustees and Martin West, co-ordinator of Street Pastors met last Wednesday (September 17) at Hastings police station to agree the levels of service expected of both organisations.

Inspector Veale said: “The Street Pastors are an asset to both the police and the people of Hastings. The Street Pastors support our community by patrolling key areas in the town on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday night when the night-time economy is at its liveliest. The Street Pastors volunteer their time and are to be commended for the pacifying effect their presence has within the town. I am reassured and pleased to have signed our agreement again and look forward to continuing our good work.”

Mr West said: “We greatly appreciate the support that Hastings and Sussex Police have given to us over the last four and half years.

“During this time Street Pastors have gone out twice per week every weekend into the late night town centre streets.

“We value the continuation of this arrangement which sets out how police and pastors function in partnership yet maintaining Street Pastor’s independence and integrity. We look forward to many more years working to promote peace and safety.”