Strike action to close dozens of schools in East Sussex

DOZENS of schools will be closed in East Sussex due to national strike action on Wednesday November 30.

East Sussex County Council said it would do all it could to maintain essential services for those who depended on them.

This will include home care of elderly and vulnerable people, child protection and social workers supporting hospital teams.

Head teachers will be announcing school closures on the county council’s website as soon as they are able to.

Some announcements may be made nearer the deadline, depending on the circumstances at each school.

A demonstration is being held in Victoria Gardens in Brighton tomorrow from 11.45am.

A spokesperson for the Brighton Trades Council said: “This is not only a chance to defend public sector pensions but to stop a race to the bottom, for fair pensions for all and to expose the real scandal of lack of decent pensions provision in the private sector.

“This huge show of strength will enable us to go on to stop the Government’s slash and burn attacks on our public services, jobs and benefits.”

This Wednesday will see up to two million public sector workers across the country, including teachers, nurses, probation officers, civil servants, cleaners, paramedics and dinner ladies, taking part in the day of action in what could be the biggest strike in a generation.

Some 30 unions have balloted their members for action over government plans to change their pensions.

For the latest on school closures and how services may be affected visit

The county council will update the page before and on the day as soon as it is notified of any closures, but it recommended that the public phone ahead if they planned to visit any of council offices or libraries.