Students cash for disaster victims

A campaign led by Hailsham students has raised thousands of pounds for earthquake victims on the other side of the world.

A group of eight Bede’s Senior School boarders raised more than £2,000 in seven days for the people effected by a disaster in China.

The cohort has been running a campaign raising disaster relief money for the 12,000 people effected by the devastating magnitude 7.0 earthquake in the Si Chuan province of China which took place on April 20,

The earthquake claimed 196 lives and injured at least 11,826 As the Bede’s Ya’an Earthqake fund grew at the school the girls then organised a charity event, selling home-made Chinese food to fellow students and asking for donations.

Student Ivy Jiang said: “When the first earthquake hit the same area 5 years ago, we were all living in China. Now we’re all in the UK, we were saddened to hear that the same area had been hit, and we wanted to help our fellow countrymen”

Janicen Lambeth, Housemistress at Crossways House, said: “This has been the most wonderful demonstration of the compassion of the human spirit, and has shown how a community, when it works together, it can achieve wonderful things.”

The campaign began when a group of Chinese girls in Crossways House at Bede’s began donating funds to help and made a Youtube video to raise awareness.

The group, which included Ivy Jiang, Yang Cui and Gigi Cheung Bryan Kwan, Jason Wong and Jacky Cheung and Bruce Zhen from Stud House thanked everyone for their help and support.