Students have lift off to magical new world in Chailey

All aboard: In the Blue Whizz at Otherworld ' where youngsters can 'experience a real sense of wonder'
All aboard: In the Blue Whizz at Otherworld ' where youngsters can 'experience a real sense of wonder'

Space travellers have landed at Chailey Heritage School to take students on a magical journey.

Otherworld, an immersive theatre and playspace for children and young people with complex disabilities, continues its residency at the venue until Sunday, June 15.

It combines space travellers, traditional theatre, music and storytelling with the latest interactive technology, including sound beams and audio and video projections.

Otherworld includes the whole family and can encompass all levels of disability – participants follow the astronauts into space and become travellers in their own story.

The immersive theatre is complemented by Otherworld Film Nights, exciting interactive events with an outer-space theme.

Otherworld is delivered by Same Sky, an artist-led community and celebratory arts charity. In collaboration with Different Planet Arts, it has been delivering an exciting service in Sussex and Brighton.

The three-year touring project, funded by the National Lottery, has featured more than 140 sessions and 2,500 visits in its first year, delivering accessible theatre and play.

Parent Amanda Mortenson said: “I was bowled over by Otherworld. You have created something beautiful, a place of safety where children can be themselves and experience a real sense of wonder.

“The environment, with its colourful installations, music, lights and video projections, creates a genuine ‘otherworld’ in which anything can – and does – happen. You and the rest of the team are incredible – such total commitment, responsiveness and empathy.The personal interactions with the children were breathtaking.”

A spokesperson said: “Same Sky believes that creative energy is in all of us ... creativity is like a muscle: give it freedom and the space to exercise and it grows strong, deny it its voice and it withers.

“Community and inclusive arts initiatives seek to harness these energies, allowing individuals, groups and communities to work together to make bonds and to improve their physical environment.”

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