Students raise £3,500 for charity in memory of Lewes Old Grammar School pupil who died of bone cancer

Anthony Pilcher
Anthony Pilcher

A charity set up in memory of a Lewes Old Grammar School pupil who died from a rare form of bone cancer is set to receive £3,500 from fellow students.

The cash, raised through two sponsored walks and the Christmas Carol Concert, will be presented to the Anthony Pilcher Trust today (Friday January 30) at the tenth Fish Aid concert to be held by the school.

Anthony, who was known in class as ‘Fish’, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in 2001 when he was 14.

The disease spread rapidly and Anthony died in 2002 but not before the first Fish Aid concerts had been held organised by pupils to support research into the disease, which mainly affects teenagers and young adults.

The family’s loss prompted Anthony’s godfather, Ken Allbon, to write movingly about his godson’s experience in a book called Follow Me.

Teacher Kit Wood, who is one of the charity’s trustees. said: “Anthony was a remarkable, brave young boy who was diagnosed with primary bone cancer – osteosarcoma – following a knee injury.

“He was gentle in nature and he had an abundance of humour, which he never lost throughout his ordeal. He faced his illness with tremendous maturity and even raised the charity’s first funds by having his hair shaved.”

The concert is organised this year by Kit Wood and LOGS’ head of music Mark Orchin. To donate go to