Success for better school parking campaign in Lewes

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A campaign to reduce inconsiderate parking outside schools in Lewes District has been successful, said Sussex Police.

Lewes District Neighbourhood Policing and parking enforcement agency partners NSL ran a two week high visibility campaign - Don’t Park Here.

Police said inconsiderate and illegal parking, especially at drop-off and collection times, was dangerous for children, pedestrians and drivers, but also inconvenienced local residents and undermined the schools’ efforts to be good neighbours.

A police spokesman said: “The response we’ve have had from the primary schools involved, parents, residents and from our partners has been overwhelmingly positive.

“It is likely the campaign will be run again in the near future as road safety is a priority issue for the residents of our district.”

Funding was provided by the Lewes District Joint Action Group for banners displayed outside each of the schools involved in the Lewes campaign during early March.

The group also paid for leaflets distributed to schools and parents.

Throughout the campaign Sussex Police and NSL attended local primary schools, talking to drivers about safe and legal parking. Where necessary penalty tickets were issued to drivers who broke the law.

Marion Marchant, customer and stakeholder manager at NSL, added: “Our aim is to try to make parents aware of the problem they cause when parking outside schools. We will only issue a parking ticket if they ignore the parking restrictions and put children and other road users at risk.”