Success in stopping plastic straws with Firle school’s milk

Saying no to plastic staws ... Firle Primary School pupils with their campaign letters. Photograph by Jules Vogado
Saying no to plastic staws ... Firle Primary School pupils with their campaign letters. Photograph by Jules Vogado

Five- to seven-year-olds at a village primary school have persuaded the UK’s biggest school milk supplier to stop providing plastic straws.

Year 1 and 2 pupils at Firle Church of England Primary School ran a successful letter writing campaign to help the planet.

Now Cool Milk provides the milk in large containers, for use with cups.

The company said it is prepared to make the same arrangement for any other school that requests it.

As part of the campaign pupil Cressida, six, wrote: “The fish in the sea don’t deserve this. Have you heard the story of the turtle in the ocean, then it got a straw in its nose? Imagine if that was you.”

Amber, six, wrote: “Please send our milk in a big carton so that we can use cups.”

Five-year-old Ida’s letter simply read: “Just don’t do it!”

Cool Milk responded to the children’s request and promised to stop including the single use straws, with immediate effect.

Chris Hogg, Deputy Managing Director of Cool Milk, said: “We’re delighted to be able to support Firle Primary School’s campaign.

“We know that all schools have their own ways of doing things and their own values and priorities, so what works for one school may not work for another – but we are very happy to discuss any school’s individual requirements on a case-by-case basis.

Firle Primary School is calling on other schools to join its campaign.

Emma Ricca, the teacher who sent the children’s letters to the company, said: “We want to launch a ‘No Straw January’, reducing the use of straws in our school packed lunches too.

“What better New Year’s Resolution, to work together with Cool Milk and local children, so that all East Sussex schools make a significant difference to plastic waste.”

The campaign is part of the school’s ‘This is Me!’ project, to promote the its ethos of ‘achieve, believe and celebrate’.

Head of School Vicki Brown said: “We are a small village primary, but our children are passionate and effective!

“This enormous company immediately took the concerns on board. Even the littlest voices can be heard if they shout loud enough.”