Summer Solstice to be celebrated at Pells Pool in Lewes


For the eighth year running Tongue and Groove return to the Pells Pool to celebrate the summer solstice, a truly fixed charity event in the Lewes calendar.

The five-piece ‘classic rock and psychedelic pop funk machine’ will be raising money this evening (Friday) for the town’s beloved outdoor pool and Starfish, the young people’s music project.

As the stars align and sun sets over Stonehenge, the question everyone is asking is what lead singer Phil Rhodes (aka The Fox) will attempt during the finale this year.

He has swum the length of the pool in various outfits, set fireworks off from inside his suit, walked on water, jumped through a wall of flames and, last year, The Fox majestically traversed the pool on a flaming chariot carving his way through a bed of dry ice.

Waterloo Bonfire will be there adding its very own explosive magic and sparkle. The pool is open for swimming, and there is a bar and barbecue. The midsummer night’s dream gets under way at 5pm with the Starfish bands, and the evening’s entertainment begins at 7.30pm.

Tickets are £15 (family), £6 and £3 available from Union Music Store and the Pells Pool.