Superfast broad band is future

Amber Rudd from house to home JPHO JPOH SUS-140723-064112001
Amber Rudd from house to home JPHO JPOH SUS-140723-064112001

Hastings is already a hub for SMEs and innovation - 60 per cent of people in the area are employed in small and medium size enterprises (that is SMEs) and we have the highest number of patents for the population of any UK city.

But I want to attract more to the area.

I want to continue the growth in employment by making Hastings and Rye a centre for start-ups and new businesses.

For Hastings to be a top location for businesses to move to, we must ensure that we are investing in the infrastructure they need.

And I don’t just mean the roads and rail investment that is already committed and going ahead.

Digital infrastructure plays an integral part in the development of businesses and the way that they operate.

Reliable, fast internet is an essential part of our infrastructure, connecting us to better opportunities, locally and nationally.

Hastings is already ahead of the game - in the last year superfast broadband coverage has increased by over 20 per cent and in East Sussex coverage increased from three per cent in 2011 to 67 per cent in 2014.

By 2016 East Sussex County Council aim to have 96 per cent of all households across the county able to access superfast broadband.

As part of my vision for 2020 I want to ensure that all areas of the constituency are able to access the infrastructure they need to support business growth and increase employment. I am working with ESCC to ensure that these targets are met and we continue to see the roll out of superfast internet connections across Hastings and Rye.

Super fast broadband for super fast local growth.