Surprise at work as man wins £92k luxury Jaguar car in Hailsham

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A Hailsham ventilation fitter has been surprised at work with a £92,000 jaguar after winning a sports car competition.

Peter Franklin, a supervisor at E and S Heating and Ventilation, in Hailsham, first played with Best of the Best, a super car competition which has stands at airports, in March and came so close to winning that he was awarded £250 credit to play again.

Not really believing his luck, the 62-year-old, who could have played online at, kept returning to Best of the Best stands because he wanted to talk to staff about the credit before he played again. After twice running out of time, Peter was fortuitously sent off to Dubai for work and made time before his flight to talk to the staff on the BOTB stand at Gatwick Airport.

Peter, who lives in Eastbourne and has worked for the company for 41 years, was surprised at work yesterday by BOTB founder William Hindmarch with a brand new Jaguar XJ-R. Peter’s colleagues gave him a resounding cheer when they saw the luxury car outside the gates.

He said: “It was such a lovely experience, it lifted everyone at work.

“These things always happen to someone else so it was great for all of them to see that it can happen to someone like me and someone like them.”

Peter ‘FaceTimed’ his wife who was at work at Beyond the Fringe, in Hailsham, to share the good news and she called over all her colleagues and customers to see the car.