Suspected scrap metal thieves stopped near Polegate

THREE PEOPLE are in custody after a vehicle suspected to be full of stolen scrap metal was stopped by police.

The trio, from Kent, were pulled over by a police roads policing unit on the A22 near Polegate last night, November 10.

Some metal RSJs and two digger buckets were found and police are investigating whether the goods were stolen to sell as scrap metal.

Chief Inspector Richard Coates, the Wealden Police Commander, congratulated the police officers involved in the investigation.

He said: “We are making enquires to trace where they have been stolen from and we think we have made progress on this but its still ongoing.

“They were stopped as part of our ongoing blitz on vehicles that are deemed suspicious due to contents within.

“Any vehicle with scrap metal out and about at the minute will be stopped. The legitimate scrap dealers will not mind because we are protecting their trade and also targeting the thieves.

“They remain in custody at the moment for interview, and their vehicle and contents have been seized.”