Sussex hotter than parts of the Mediterranean

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SUSSEX is basking in temperatures hotter than Madrid, Malta and Cyprus thanks to conditions which are at least ten degrees above average for this time of year.

Temperatures look set to climb to a balmy 23 degrees on Wednesday April 23 in the nearest Met Office measuring station at Herstmonceux - two degrees warmer than Rome.

But the Met Office said the record for this station during April was set in 2007 where the thermometer hit a sweltering 26.5 degrees on April 15, although records only go back to 1993 at Herstmonceux.

The average temperature at this time of year is 13 degrees.

The Met Office pointed out this was also a very dry April for Sussex.

So far this month we have only received an average of 0.9m which is just two per cent of the rainfall we should have had.

Thrown into the mix is an unusually dry March - just 32 per cent of the average rainfall fell in Sussex.

The average maximum temperature for East and West Sussex historically is 16.4 for the first two weeks.

The hottest temperature ever recorded in the UK during April was at Camden Square with 29.4 on April 16, way back in 1949.

Met Office forecasters are predicting mainly fine, dry and warm conditions for most parts of the UK this Easter weekend.

Temperatures are likely to be well above the average for late April, with highs reaching the low 20s during the long weekend.

The fine weather is expected to draw many people out and about, so roads across the country could be busy.

RAC spokesperson Kevin Andrews said: “If you’re going for a day out there’s nothing worse than wasting time.

“Allow plenty of time for your journey, particularly if you’re heading for a popular resort or travelling at peak times.”