Sussex MPs add their support to research the ‘hidden’ or ‘forgotten cancer’

A growing number of MPs across Sussex and nationally, are adding their support to get lobular breast cancer the research funding needed, to fully understand the biology of the disease. A vital step in getting the 2nd most common type of breast cancer the specific treatment it needs.
15% of all breast cancers are lobular breast cancer.15% of all breast cancers are lobular breast cancer.
15% of all breast cancers are lobular breast cancer.

First diagnosed in 2013 with lobular breast cancer, Dr Susan Michaelis of Horsham, set up the Lobular Moon Shot Project in early 2023. The project seeks to get the UK£20 million research funding needed by the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) to fully investigate the disease.

Dr Michaelis received a clear mammogram and clear ultrasound in 2013, yet post-surgery pathology revealed she had 7cm of Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer. In 2021, her disease spread to her pelvis and spine but she remains positive and determined, despite knowing she now has an incurable disease.

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Ladies of the Lobular Moon Shot Project, have now written to over 100 MPs nationally asking them to support the ICR research project. On 13th December 2023, in Westminster (Portcullis House), the MP Dehenna Davisson, is holding a 'Walk In’ event to enable MPs to meet their constituents who have lobular breast cancer and pledge their support to get the Government to fund the research at ICR. Horsham MP Jeremy Quin, Crawley MP Henry Smith, are just some of the Sussex MPs attending.

Invest in lobular breast cancerInvest in lobular breast cancer
Invest in lobular breast cancer

The Lobular Moon Shot Project name comes from President Kennedy’s Moon Shot approach of 1961 and calls on the Government and nation to invest into lobular breast cancer research. With 22 people a day being diagnosed with the disease in the UK and 1,000 people globally per day, UK£20 million equates to under £240 per person for those UK residents who will be diagnosed in the next 10 years.

Dr Susan Michaelis stated: ‘Lobular breast cancer has not had the research funding it deserves and now requires a Moon Shot style approach to fix it. It accounts for 15% of all breast cancers yet it receives virtually no funding compared to the other types of breast cancer. Yes, there are bits of research happening globally but it needs the proper funding needed to get the research done. For those of us diagnosed with lobular breast cancer, I feel its discrimination.

"The reason why we need the Government to take the initiative here, is because charities like Cancer Research and Breast Cancer Now, two massive charities that have done a lot in so many ways for cancer generally, sadly are not dealing with lobular breast cancer as they should. Cancer Research are currently not funding any research into lobular breast cancer and Breast Cancer Now (BCN), Britain’s largest breast cancer charity, with UK£60 million + income per annum, has to date, invested around £284 million into peer reviewed breast cancer research, yet it has only funded some £2.5 million into research looking specifically at lobular breast cancer.

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"This equates to under 1% of all their research funding going to lobular breast cancer research or an average of only £225,000 per annum. £225,000 from £60 million income is not acceptable to those of us diagnosed with lobular breast cancer. I have written to the Trustees and leadership team at BCN and hope they will make lobular the research priority it deserves to be.”

Dr Michaelis added: ‘I urge every person with lobular breast cancer or concerned by the fact the disease has no specific treatment, to please write to their MP and urge them to attend the event on 13 December 2023 and support the call for funding. You never know who will be diagnosed next. It could be someone you love, know or work with. Invest into lobular breast cancer research.’

The Lobular Moon Shot Project, founded in Sussex, and supported by Horsham based Fact Not Fiction Films, Leonardslee Lakes & Gardens and MR Printers, is run by volunteers and has no operational costs. Every penny raised goes directly into lobular breast cancer research at ICR. In the last 6 months they have raised nearly £50,000.

For further information about lobular breast cancer or the Lobular Moon Shot project please visit

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