Sussex village cricketer writes ‘bluffer’s guide’


A writer who has played village cricket in Sussex for 25 years has co-written the new edition of ‘The Bluffer’s Guide to Cricket’.

“It’s been difficult justifying my absence on Sundays for the past quarter of a century but, at least, I can now say that I’ve got a book out of it,” said James Trollope.

The guide is timed to coincide with this summer’s eagerly anticipated Ashes series between England and Australia.

“Thankfully, my cricket has been played out of the spotlight,” said James.

“We did once have a spectator but I think he was a rambler who’d lost his way.”

As the talk turns to the Ashes in pubs and offices this summer, the idea of the book is to equip those who don’t know much about the game with enough knowledge to join in the banter.

“If you’re a quick learner and have enough bluster you may come across as something of an expert.” said James. “The adventurous bluffer may even try to give the impression that, in their time, they were a more than decent cricketer.”

With the help of the guide, you will never again confuse a square leg with a very fine leg, a doosra with a jaffa, or a long hop with a leg break.

Bask in the admiration of your fellow cricket lovers as you pronounce confidently on the finer points of play, the limitations of the players, and why the umpire needs to see an optician.

James, 57, of Edinburgh Road, Seaford, says he’s never really shone at the game except when he made a century for a Sussex colts side in the 1970s – or could that be a bluff?

The Bluffer’s Guide to Cricket by James Trollope and Nick Yapp is priced at £6.99 from Amazon and elsewhere. Also available as an Ebook.

Lord Bassam of Brighton said of the new publication: “This guide will soon be resting in cricketing homes across the nation and should become required reading for every girlfriend who ever seeks a cricketing husband.”