Talents are nurtured at Heathfield College

Gifted and Talented art group, Heathfield Community College
Gifted and Talented art group, Heathfield Community College

Children from Wealden’s primary schools have been encouraged to discover talents they never knew they possessed.

As part of a ‘Gifted and Talented’ workshop, children from All Saints, St Richards; Herstmonceux; Dallington; Maynards Green; Punnetts Town and Parkside primary schools converged on Heathfield Community College for a Gifted and Talented programme of artwork.

College spokeswoman Chris Vigor said: “The Gifted and Talented Art Workshop ran at the College on Monday and Tuesday, February 16 and 17. We are always amazed and delighted at the standard of work these children can produce and our year seven pupils thoroughly enjoy the experience and gain a great deal from the sessions too.”

Teacher Kelly Davies went into the college to run the workshops. She told the Express: “This takes place over two days. The chldren look at mixed media - water colours, pastels, stencilling, monoprints and collage work - and then each produced one abstract piece of work in their sketch books.

“These were put together into a giant collage which is being displayed in the main window of the Heathfield and Waldron Parish Council offices.

“I always find children are capable of the most amazing work and even surprise themselves with what they can achieve. Well done all.”

‘Gifted and talented’ is a term used in schools to describe children who have the potential to develop significantly beyond what is expected for their age.

‘Gifted’ refers to a child who has abilities in one or more academic subjects, such as English or maths. ‘Talented’ refers to a child who has skills in a practical area such as music, sport or art.

Heathfield Community College encourages its own students to support youngsters from other local schools and help stretch their abilities.

Several art workshops have taken place over the years and many children have gone on to study art at GCSE as a result.