Teacher is scaling new Peru heights

A TEACHER at Chyngton School in Seaford will trek across Machu Pichu in Peru to raise money for Scope.

Francesca Gibbs who is a class teacher will take up the charity challenge with friend and fellow teacher Jo Woodhurst.

The pair are already planning their training for the gruelling trek and need to raise £6,000.

Francesca, 24, said: “Each year we raise money for Cancer Research due to family illnesses in the past however this year we wanted to help other charities too.

“We chose Scope in particular because it helps disabled children and families.

“One of our very good friends has a disabled sister and I know Scope does a lot of hard work towards helping her and her family, and while were fit and healthy we thought we’d do what we can to help.

“Plus on the trek we will be visiting local villages and schools and this is a connection we would like to bring back to our schools in England for future school projects and fundraising ideas.”

Together they will walk for eight hours a day, from August 19-28, covering about 70km and reaching altitudes of 4,200m.

They need to raise £6,000 by June and will be holding numerous fundraisers, as well as getting local businesses and organisations to help.

Francesca added: “The main thing we are worried about is the altitude sickness.

“Most people who reach this altitude should expect hyperventilation, shortness of breath, changed breathing pattern at night and frequent waking at night.

“It can also give you symptoms such as headaches, vomiting, nausea, fatigue and dizziness.

“Plus just to make things worse, symptoms can be mild to life threatening.

“But of course there will be trained hikers and doctors with us and there are tablets you can take before going out.

“Other than that of course there will be horrible mosquitoes and bugs to escape from when we’re sleeping in tents.”

If you would like to sponsor them visit www.justgiving.com/joandfran-doperu.