Teenager Kate takes fame to a new level

A BOGNOR Regis singer-songwriter is aiming to send her on-line fan numbers rocketing in a bid to secure US record label interest.

Eighteen-year-old Kate Fletcher, who attended The Sylvia Young Theatre School and The Brits School, has been in the industry from a young age, with lots of different performances behind her.

But now she needs to take it to the next level, meeting the tallest of demands.

She’s talking to a number of US labels, each of which is making varying request, but one of them, Jive USA, wants to see her get her fanbase on Facebook up to 30,000.

The labels will be checking her progress monthly.

Currently she’s got 3,000 fans; she feels she needs to get past the 10,000-marker within a month.

“It’s putting the pressure on,” she admits. “All the agencies are different, but these days they just won’t take on artists that don’t have huge backing behind them.

“It’s all Facebook and YouTube at the moment. It used to be all MySpace, but not now. MySpace is just not used as much. They have all moved to YouTube which is where Justin Bieber was discovered. It’s very hard work.

“But I am desperate to do it. I am currently about to get leaflets and pamphlets out. I am going to go around all the doors in my area.

“I will be giving them links to my music and details about me.

“My genre is pop rock really. That’s how I would like to pigeon-hole myself a bit more. I write my own music. I also co-write and sometimes I get people to send songs to me.

“As for gigging, I am trying to get out there as well. I have sent out emails all around Bognor and West Sussex. I have got one on November 6 at Three Bridges Football Club.”

In the meantime, she’s keen for everyone possible to visit her at Facebook, MySpace and YouTube; her music is also available via iTunes.

More details www.facebook.com/katefletchermusic; www.youtube.com/katefletchermusic; and www.katefletchermusic.com.