Teens’ Seaford to Peacehaven walk for footballer’s cause

Darran and Shaun Saunders with Cerys Leahy and Remy Browning
Darran and Shaun Saunders with Cerys Leahy and Remy Browning

A pair of Seaford teenagers walked a mile on Sunday for each life a Peacehaven footballer who was killed in Rottingdean saved through organ donation.

Cerys Leahy , 13, wanted to fundraise for the Connor Saunders Foundation and came up with the idea of walking a mile to represent each life Connor saved.

She planned the walk from her school, Seaford Head, to Peacehaven Football Club, where Connor played and used social media like Twitter and Facebook to raise sponsorship.

Cerys’s target was £100 but currently her total stands at £207.

She has even created a justgiving page and text link so people can sponsor her - text 70070 CSEL88 £ (whatever amount ).

Remy Browning, also 13 and Cerys’s best friend, kindly offered to accompany her when she found out Cerys was doing this alone.

Connor’s parents Darran and Shuan Saunders waved the girls off at Seaford Head School.

In total so far the girls have raised £321.21but donations are still coming in.

Cerys raised £207, Remy £52 and the girls collected an incredible £62 along the way.

Peacehaven Golf Club gave them a round of applause.

Connor’s mum Darran said they are a third of the way to funding a £1,000 defibrillator so the girls have set that as their target now.

As charity student council rep , Cerys said she is going to try to get the school on board to support the Connor Saunders Foundation.

“It’s a charity close to my heart,it’s a great cause,” she said.

“The charity uses the money well to buy defibrillators for football clubs , to provide professional football coaching for disadvantaged and disabled children and they raise awareness about organ donation.

“After the walk I felt tired but proud that we have raised money which can help towards someone’s life to be saved.

“I’m so pleased I did the walk it means a lot to me that I have managed to do something good for my favourite charity.”

Remy said: “I did the walk to support my best friend and the charity has become a cause close to me and it’s a fantastic cause. After the walk I felt as if I made a difference at the end. I also feel proud at what we have achieved and how much money we have raised. ”

The girls even had celebrity support from Frankie Cocozza , Connors best friend, who tweeted about them. Donate by texting, as he details listed above, or by finding the Cerys Leahy Just Giving page.