Telephones back online following major power outage in East Sussex

A MAJOR power outage at Eastbourne telephone exchange at 9am this morning affected a number of exchanges in Sussex, causing disruption to about 20,000 telephone lines.

The power was restored at the Eastbourne exchange just after 1pm and BT is working to restore supplies to all customers by around 4pm.

There was disruption to receiving 999 calls for some emergency services for a short time before contingencies plans were activated.

Those people directly affected would not have been able to make or receive calls.

Chief supt Wayne Jones said: “As soon as the emergency services were made aware we convened a multi-agency meeting to plan our response, involving BT, who confirmed that homes were in the process of being reconnected.

“Analysing the number of 999 calls Sussex Police received in a two hour period today compared to the same time last week, it shows 999 calls received were down by one third.”