Thank you to volunteers who helped clear Splash Point in Seaford

Splash Point
Splash Point

Volunteers joined together to clear shingle from Seaford Promenade on Saturday (April 11).

Sylvia Dunn, organiser, said: “There is a wheelchair/mobility walk to Splash Point on Friday (April 17) at 12.30pm.

“But there was a lot of shingle on the promenade that was making access to Splash Point difficult for residents and visitors, and as I am supporting this walk it was important to get this area cleared in time for the event.”

Sylvia said she would like to say a big thank you to the volunteers who turned up on the day to clear the area. The walk at Splash Point takes place today (Friday April 17).

The walk begins from Seaford Station.

There is a two mile stroll or ride.

The event is free and there are accessible toilets available.

For more information about the event call 07891 556897.