Thatcher inspired town’s mayor

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Mayor, Cllr Jo Bentley, herself a stroke survivor, has spoken of the inspiration she took from Baroness Thatcher, who died this week. The head Conservative in Hailsham said: “She was an inspiration; she made me feel that yes, I could do something in local politics. I could never get to her level, but as a woman she showed me there was a place for me in local politics. I admired her because she wasn’t afraid to say what she thought.”

“She has left a lasting lagacy. When she went into it, it was very much a male dominated club...but now days you can go into a political meeting an it’s a better spread of people: ladies, gentlemen, young and old. She has shown there is always a place in politics for all people whether male, female, black, white or yellow, it doesn’t matter, everybody can help their community.”