The cats in desperate need of a loving new home ...

A heartfelt plea for help to find new owners for a number of homeless pet cats has gone out from a leading animal sanctuary.

Actress Sue Jameson with Arnie SUS-160811-114133001
Actress Sue Jameson with Arnie SUS-160811-114133001

The cats are currently being cared for at the ABC Animal Sanctuary in West Chiltington - which receives calls every day to take in more moggies in need of homes.

Sanctuary president - actress Sue Jameson - has herself rescued seven cats since she moved to Sussex with her husband, fellow actor James Bolam.

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She said: “It’s so lovely when a rescued cat, confused and insecure, comes to you for the first time. And if they jump on your knee and start to purr - you know it’s all going to be fine.  So, maybe  -  if you’ve got time and a warm heart, why not try it?”

The ABC Sanctuary, launched by the late acress Alexandra Bastedo, has found that as quickly as one cat is homed, another takes its place.

A spokesman said: “It is a sad fact that adult cats are much harder to find homes for than fluffy, cute kittens. However there are so many advantages to homing an adult cat. To name but a few, when you adopt a kitten, they are still growing and their personality is still developing – you don’t know how they will turn out. When you adopt an older cat, you know what you’re getting.

“An adult cat is already house trained and generally cat flap trained and they know how to use a scratching post already so your furniture need not suffer.

“Most adult cats like nothing more than a warm lap, regular food and love. And adult cats are much better companions if you already have a cat. They integrate much quicker and are less boisterous for your existing cat to cope with.”

If you think you can home a rescue cat call the sanctuary on 07920 255045 (9:30am and 6.00pm Monday – Saturday) or e-mail: [email protected] or check out the website