The ‘Jewel in Hailsham’s Crown’ - saved from erosion

WORK has continued to save Hailsham Common Pond, considered to be the town’s ‘jewel in the crown’, from the devastating effects of erosion.

Hailsham Town Council took measures to stop further erosion on the last remaining unprotected area of the newest island at the site, covering two thirds of the area.

Reeds and other marginal planting were installed by council staff which will fill in gaps produced by erosion in recent years.

Town Cllr Paul Holbrook said: “If the remaining section of island at the Common Pond site is not protected sufficiently, it will continue to erode over time.

“For this reason, the town council has taken the necessary steps to ensure that effective erosion control work is carried out.

“This will ensure that the island is protected and good soil support is provided well into the future, allowing natural vegetation to become more established into the bargain.”

Coir fibre rolls surrounded with plants were placed around the island bank in 2006 to stop the wash of water up against the exposed banks.

New rolls were placed on the worst affected areas of erosion in 2009 with extra support and protection for plant life.

Pond Warden Phil Hobden said: “I am delighted that work on the erosion of this island has been carried out successfully.”

He added: “Hopefully by next Spring these plants will have grown and prevent any further erosion in the future.

“We look forward to continuing our work on maintaining the Common Pond site so that residents and visitors to the town can continue to enjoy this local beauty spot.”