Thefts at the allotments spark police

A RECENT flurry of break-ins at the allotments on Battle Road in Hailsham has prompted a response from Wealden Police.

Back in June, 13 sheds were broken into at the site and more than £3,000 worth of equipment and produce was stolen.

Whilst there was no sign of forced entry to the allotments, there was substantial damage to the sheds. This followed a similar break-in at an allotment in Hastings.

Regarding the latest set of break-ins at the site in Hailsham, town Cllr Paul Holbrook said that allotment owners were ‘very upset’. He said there had been too many problems at the site and that the issues surrounding lack of security had, ‘come to a head’.

Neighbourhood police officers visited the allotments as part of ‘Operation Creosote’ on Saturday, August 11. They gave advice to allotment owners and placed special Operation Creosote marked stickers onto property.

Keith Burns, who is the chairman of Hailsham Allotment Society, said that the new police-led measures ‘might put people off’ attemping a break-in at the site in the future.