‘Thieves have taken my passport to being normal’

Jenny Longley riding her carriage before it was stolen.
Jenny Longley riding her carriage before it was stolen.

HEARTLESS calculating thieves have stolen two specially adapted pony riding carriages used by a woman who suffers a form of dwarfism and her mother who is visually impaired.

Accountant Jenny Longley, aged 43, lives with her parents Jerry and Brenda at a remote country house in Chiddingly.

She suffers from achondroplasia but shrugged off her disability this year when using her specially adapted carriage to get a prestigious 5th place in the Indoor Horse Driving Trials National Championships, novice section.

Her mother had another carriage used by charity Riding for the Disabled which is borrowed by Father Christmas when he visits children in Chiddingly during the festive break.

But both specialised vehicles were stolen from a locked outbuilding in a carefully planned theft operation along with a quad bike in the early hours of September 9.

Jenny Longley, in tears, said the carriage used to make her feel ‘six feet tall in my head’ and in despair told the Express the thieves had taken her ‘passport to being normal’.

Read the full story in this week’s Sussex Express (Hailsham edition, September 16 2011).