Thirsty busker in water rumpus in Lewes

Online fanbase: Danny the Busker (aka Danny McEvoy) has covered every songer written by The Beatles
Online fanbase: Danny the Busker (aka Danny McEvoy) has covered every songer written by The Beatles

A Lewes busker got hot under the collar when a local shop refused to fill his bottle with tap water.

Danny the Busker was performing in the Cliffe Precinct on one of the hottest days of the year.

It was pushing 32 degrees – for Fahrenheit fans that’s up in the 90s – and Danny McEvoy had finished the contents of his water bottle.

He popped in to Forfars the bakers to ask for a refill – staff there had obliged with a smile only days earlier. But this time he was refused water from the tap. It was company policy on health and safety grounds, he was told.

Danny said: “I told them ‘have you seen the weather? Would you prefer me to die of thirst in the street?’”

But the answer was still a polite no. One member of staff sympathetically said they would have given him water if it was down to them, he said.

The busker, a well-known figure in Lewes as he warbles his hits from The Beatles to guitar accompaniment, said it was a ridiculous decision and decided to post a lighthearted complaint on his Facebook page.

He said: “Now I do feel at this point I am a kind of regular in Forfars. Just last Saturday I partook of two Breakfast Pasties (sausage and bean). I had two because the first was so ace (nobody says ace any more) and there are times when I would kill for a Sussex Savoury – even at £2.20 a throw.

“Forfars must have had about £600 off me in my lifetime, possibly more. Oh well, it seems the Forfars Days are numbered – well I’m turning into a hippopotamus anyway, and Sussex Savouries don’t reduce the hippo factor I guess.”

Danny added: “I leave the mean-spirited bakery and go to Bill’s where they happily top up my water bottle.

“I contemplate making a sign next to me telling everybody in Lewes that Forfars refused to fill up my bottle of water, but instead decide to post up this complaint in Facebook – it’ll reach more people there.”

A spokesman for Forfars said: “We are very sorry this has happened but would like to explain that the gentleman had entered our shop with a rather dirty looking water bottle which he requested to be filled. Our manager did offer the gentlemen a cup of water which we will always do, but was unhappy to fill the bottle as we are a food preparation area and have to avoid cross-contamination. As I mentioned the bottle was not the cleanest.

“The gentleman voiced that he was unhappy and was rather rude with his request. We have also noted that the same gentleman had made the same complaint to Costa Coffee in Uckfield in April this year.”