This Sussex street has 8th fastest broadband in the UK

A street in Sussex is among the UK’s top 10 fastest streets for broadband according to price comparison and switching service,

A street in Sussex has the 8th fastest broadband in the UK
A street in Sussex has the 8th fastest broadband in the UK

The latest consumer speed tests collated by uSwitch shows that Oakhill Road in Horsham has an average download speed of 82.41Mbps making it the 8th fastest in the country, and is around 100Mbps slower than the road in Livingstone which takes top spot.

It is the only street in Sussex to have made the list.

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According to the research, which is based on more than 122,845 ‘real world’ speed tests run by broadband users over the last year, a fifth (19 per cent) struggle with speeds of less than 10Mbps, while one in ten (9 per cent) crawl along at less than 5Mbps.

The complete list of the streets with the slowest and fastest broadband according to SUS-190912-123654001

However, the number of broadband users enjoying faster speeds is growing. Nearly four in ten users (38 per cent) now get speeds of more than 30Mbps, up from less than a quarter (22 per cent) four years ago.

But despite the fact that superfast broadband is now available to 95 per cent of the country, a recent uSwitch survey found that only six in ten Brits (61 per cent) believe they can access it in their local area.

In York, it’s a tale of two cities as residents in York Road, Elvington, enjoy ultrafast speeds of 135.56Mbps, while households just 16 minutes drive away in Kingsclere, Huntingdon, are enduring broadband that crawls along at just 0.22Mbps — more than 616 times slower.

Superfast fibre broadband is available on seven out of the ten slowest streets (70 per cent), suggesting that consumers are being deprived of a better service by a lack of awareness.

Dani Warner, broadband expert at, says: “Our research reveals the digital divide running through Britain. Residents living on one side of a city can be struggling with broadband as slow as molasses, while people just miles away are enjoying ultrafast speeds.

“It’s ridiculous to think that it would take someone in York Road, Elvington less than seven minutes to download a two-hour HD film like Toy Story 4, yet it would take more than two and a half days for someone living less than 16 minutes drive away in Kingsclere, Huntington.

“Lack of awareness regarding superfast broadband is one of the biggest obstacles stopping people from getting faster download speeds.

“More than two-thirds of the slowest streets have access to superfast broadband, so we urge residents there — and anyone else unhappy with their broadband speeds — to visit to see what speeds they could be getting.”

Anyone frustrated with their broadband service can test what speed they’re getting at