Three cut off by tide rescued near Beachy Head

Three people had to be rescued on Saturday (November 15) after they were cut off by the tide near Beachy Head lighthouse.

A pair of paragliders were gliding along the cliff tops when one of them lost lift and was forced to make a controlled landing on the beach below.

The other paraglider landed on the cliff top and made contact with Dover Coastguard by dialling 999 on his mobile phone.

While in the air the paragliders had already spotted two people on the beach below who appeared to be cut off by the tide.

A spokesman for Eastbourne RNLI said: “Initially Eastbourne’s inshore lifeboat (ILB) was launched but with darkness closing in swiftly, and three casualties to be extracted from the beach, back-up was requested by Eastbourne’s all-weather lifeboat (ALB).

“With both boats on scene the casualties were ferried from the beach by the ILB and transferred to the ALB, they were then taken to Sovereign Harbour where they were met by local Coastguard officers.”

Two months ago eight people were rescued by Eastbourne RNLI after being cut off by the rising tide below the cliffs at Beachy Head.

The group, including five children, had planned their expedition and consulted tide tables but seriously underestimated the terrain and the type of footwear and clothing they would require, with some of the group wearing flip-flops.

They found themselves cut off by the rising tide and darkness beginning to fall. They were unable to establish a phone signal and one person had to scramble up the cliffs to get a signal. They were rescued by lifeboat crews.