Three simple reasons for leaving the EU

Maria Caulfield
Maria Caulfield

Many people ask why I will be voting to leave the EU on June 23rd.

For me there are three simple reasons. To take back control of our borders, our laws and our money.

Taking back control of our borders is not anti-immigration, anything but. As the daughter of immigrants I have witnessed first-hand how immigration can benefit a country and a community but the level of immigration needs to be managed. Having 500 million people freely come and go makes it almost impossible to plan for public services. Despite £8 billion extra going in to the NHS we still see unprecedented demands on health services. New mobile classrooms are going up in our schools but we are still short of school places and despite new homes being built, buying or renting has never been more expensive.

A points based system will be fairer by focusing on what skills a person has, not just where they are from.

By leaving the EU we could also have better control of our finances. Currently we give £350 million a week to the EU. Yes we do get 50 per cent of it back in rebate and grants but we have to follow strict EU rules as to how we spend this money. The other 50 per cent, we never see again. £350 million could build either 10 new schools, provide 8,000 new police officers, or a new hospital each and every week.

Finally, leaving the EU would give us back control of our laws. Currently 60 per cent of laws in this country are made in Brussels.

For example, increasingly rules around taxation dictate how much we tax individuals and prevents us from cutting VAT on household energy bills. This hits the least wealthy households hardest, which spend on average three times as much of their income on energy as the wealthiest households. Currently we are powerless to reduce this taxation.

On June 23rd we all have the chance to change our relationship with Europe, to be part of it but not be ruled by it. To regain full control of our borders, laws and money, Vote Leave on June 23rd.