Tideway School in Newhaven open during strike

NEWHAVEN: Tideway school ready to reopen. 19-1-09
NEWHAVEN: Tideway school ready to reopen. 19-1-09

Despite the teachers’ strike on Thursday October 17, Tideway School will be open to all students.

The school will supervise groups of students to complete appropriate work in large spaces where staff are taking action.

Headteacher Rob Corbett said: “We support our colleagues who are bringing to the public attention issues with the way the Department for Education and Micheal Gove in particular are damaging the education system for years to come.

“This is not, however, the fault of our hard working parent body who will struggle with emergency child care measures.

“We are therefore opening to ensure students education can continue.

“All students will be adequately supervised but those who have lessons with striking teachers will not be taught. I am very grateful to my dedicated staff who are busting a gut to ensure we can do this.

“It is because of this high level of commitment from all our staff that the school has become so effective in the last four years.”