Top police dog collars thieves

Judge with PC Colin Langham
Judge with PC Colin Langham

Judge the police dog earned his stripes after tracking down two thieves who had stolen chocolate bars from a shop just weeks after recovering from a life-threatening injury.

The Alsatian is still recovering from a chest injury proved he is back to fitness by tracing the shoplifters after following their scent for more than a mile.

Judge was on his first day back at work after being impaled on a metal spike when being exercised on Monday, August 11.

His handler PC Colin Langham was on patrol in Harrow Lane, St Leonards, when he was flagged down by a shopkeeper and told that two men had grabbed items from his shelves and run off towards the nearby football pitches, at 2.30pm on Monday, September 22. Judge found their scent and tracked them across two pitches, through a hedge, across waste ground and into Welton Rise, down Harrow Lane and into Towerscroft Avenue. Two 22-year-old men from Hastings were arrested. They admitted stealing chocolate bars from Baldslow Post Office, apologised and agreed to pay the shopkeeper 80p for the chocolate. “Judge came back to work with no training and tracked the men as if he’d never had a break at all. I’m very pleased with him,” said PC Langham.