Touch of colour for town thanks to Newhaven in Bloom

NEWHAVEN in Bloom volunteers completed the winter planting in the town centre to maintain a touch of colour during winter and spring.

The four volunteers, John and Cindy Adams and Jim and Fran Kerr, planted up the memorial boat in South Way, 12 new planters in the High Street, eight planters at the top of the High Street by Brighton Road, the pony cart on North Way and further planters by the swing bridge.

Newhaven in Bloom treasurer John Adams said: “Members of the group take pride in the town centre’s appearance and as well as floral displays they put pictures in empty shops and regularly pick up litter and generally tidy up around the town.

“All these activities are performed on a shoestring budget and the group wishes to thank those who have made donations.”

Each year the group adds new displays to the town.

Three years ago they installed round planters in the upper High Street.

Two years ago they added six more planters in the High Street and four on West Quay.

Last year they constructed a pony cart on North Way and this year due to vehicular damage to the round planters in the High Street they made 12 new wooden planters replacing the plastic type.

Their aim in 2012 is to install a double canoe, paint it royal blue and plant flowers in the two seat areas.

Further plans are for railing planters along South Way opposite the swimming pool.

Newhaven In Bloom is an independent voluntary group with its members caring about Newhaven and making it better for towns people and visitors alike. It aims to improve the environment and enhance the town.