Town must get North Street Quarter right, says Lewes election hopeful

Pam Lewis
Pam Lewis

Labour’s candidate in the forthcoming Lewes Town Council by-election has called on the public to speak out during the next round of public consultations on the North Street Quarter to ensure housing that is suitable for Lewes.

“Our town must deliver the kind of development that Lewes needs,” said Pam Lewis, who is contesting Priory Ward in the by-election on Thursday, March 27.

Labour has said that looking after the interests of all Lewesians will be a priority as the third round of North Street Quarter consultations are held next week on March 26 (Lewes Town Hall, 4pm-9.30pm) and March 27 (Southover Grange, 3.30pm-7.30pm).

Pam said: “Two of those priorities must surely be social and affordable housing for working families and more local jobs.

“Listening to the community will be vital to ensure a balance of live-work spaces for a growing population. I have spoken to local families who tell me their only option is to rent at high cost as lack of affordable housing is preventing their aspirations as homeowners.”

She added that final designs must acknowledge the distinctive character of the town in tune with its creative identity, and the planned development must have a mix of social and affordable housing.

She urged: “Local residents need to make their views heard by attending one of the consultations planned for next week to ensure Lewes is a town in which to work, live and play.”