Traders’ fury at ‘ineffective’ signs

Poor signage is ‘decimating’ trade in Alfriston as road works continue to keep the village’s main road closed, say business owners.

Shopkeepers are up in arms at what they feel are inadequate road signs directing traffic into the village.

Sylvia Daw, resident, worried about road closure signs in Alfriston

Sylvia Daw, resident, worried about road closure signs in Alfriston

Complaints centre around the lack of information on work signs indicating that carparks and businesses remain open while repair works are carried out through the village.

Resident Sylvia Daw even resorted to a ‘cheeky’ road sign telling motorists ‘I told you so’ after witnessing a number of near misses as drivers ignored road closed signs.

But the sign was removed by workmen after a complaint from an Alfriston Parish Councillor, said Mrs Daw.

Peter Easton, from Stones gift shop, said: “Yes, signs are up as usual but there are other signs saying the road through is closed and the signage to get people in to the car parks is virtually non-existent. Unless you know your way round the village, there’s nothing to lead you to the car park.

“I think if signs were more effective, a lot more people would come to the village because car parking is still open and the businesses are still open.

“I’d say we are about 50 per cent down and it’s got to be because of the road works and signage.

“It’s the right time to do the repairs but it’s very difficult for the businesses in the area here. If there had been more signs and better advertising signs it would have helped a lot.

Diane Meek, from Pearl jewellery shop, said she had spoken to several other businesses and most people were not phoning up and complaining because they were just trying to make the most of business.

She said: “There’s been one to two days when the sun shines but generally it’s decimated trade. I’m fighting for my livelihood.

“So many people are saying to me it doesn’t make sense, the number of people who come into in the pub or restaurants and say the same thing that they are ignoring the signs because they thought the car park must be open.”

Mrs Daw, said: “Motorists are seeing signs but don’t believe them because all the way from High and over they keep seeing signs saying ‘road closed’ and it’s not. Then they get to Windgrove and carry on.

“If only the signs had been a little bit clearer and there were more of them being more specific so people could understand them.”