Bus driver won’t let me board at my usual stop. This makes no sense

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I use the buses between Polegate and Eastbourne.

Before the town works I was dropped off in Cornfield Road opposite NatWest Bank and going home joined the bus in Terminus Road adjacent to C&H.

Since the town works started, to get my bus home, I have to walk to Gildredge Road. Leaving the Arndale Centre with my shopping I see my bus (routes 51, 54 and 98) standing in Cornfield Road but I not permitted to join.

As I struggle to Gildredge Road my bus goes empty from Cornfield Road to Gildredge Road. I have approached Stagecoach and requested these routes start in Cornfield Road when work is complete but they refuse claiming limited space for buses.

These are not additional buses in Cornfield Road – they are already there changing drivers and as I walk to Gildredge Road the bus goes empty. What nonsense and nobody cares or does anything.

Peter Cox

Albert Road