Free parking in Lewes over Christmas: all you need to know

Shoppers can park for free in selected locations in Lewes over Christmas.

Lewes Chamber of Commerce has announced that on Saturday, December 7, Saturday, December 14, and Saturday, December 21, the town’s pay and display car parks will be free to park in.

Shoppers can park for free in Lewes this Christmas

Shoppers can park for free in Lewes this Christmas

A spokesman said: “Lewes District Council has agreed to offer day-time free parking to pre-Christmas shoppers in a bid to attract visitors to the town to sample its many and varied independent shops and eateries.”

Chamber president Clare Crouch said: “We hope this will encourage people from outside the town to come to Lewes and find refreshing ideas that they may not have seen in their own home-town shops.

“It also means shoppers can turn their day into an experience with stopping for a coffee or a spot of lunch without having to rush back to their cars.

“This gesture is very much appreciated, and we hope that it will give everyone planning their Christmas shopping yet another great reason to do it here in Lewes!”

The following pay and display car parks apply. It does not include street parking.

• Brook Street

• Cliffe High Street

• East Street

• Friars Walk

• Little East Street

• Market Lane

• Mountfield Road

• Phoenix Causeway

• Pinwell Road

• South Street (North)

• Spring Gardens

• The Maltings

• West Street

• Westgate Street