Harassed for paying the wrong parking operator at Polegate station

Polegate train station
Polegate train station

Last April 2018 you published a letter from me regarding parking at Polegate Station.

In summary, in July 2017, I had parked in the far end of the car park to catch a train to London.

I paid the parking fee for the day at the Southern Trains/Indigo meter close to where I parked. It transpired that this was the meter for the wrong car park operator; I was in a space operated by StarPark.

For nearly two years I have been harassed by StarPark, with calls, texts and letters from them, debt collection agencies and solicitors.

I firmly believe that StarPark should have erected signage around their car park to make clear the spaces for which they are responsible.

They have only recently erected some better signage.

As stated in my previous letter, I felt so strongly that I was prepared to go to court to fight what I consider to be an injustice.

I have now received a summons to attend a trial at Horsham County Court on 20 May at 10am.

I am aware through your newspaper and through social media that many people have been caught out by the lack of signage in the past.

I would appreciate hearing from any others who have been affected as I would like to be able to refer to these cases at my trial.

Possibly the local press would be interested in attending the court hearing as I believe this is a matter of local public interest.

Jennifer Winter

Bakers Lane