Installing traffic signals at the Boship roundabout is going to cause more chaos

Boship roundabout (Photo by Jon Rigby) SUS-190108-111903008
Boship roundabout (Photo by Jon Rigby) SUS-190108-111903008

I write regarding the article ‘Multi-million improvement scheme to A22 submitted to government’ (Express, August 2).

Suggested improvements to the road infrastructure are welcome, particularly with the recent spate of planning approvals for large developments in the Hailsham area.

However, note with incredulity the suggestion of introducing traffic signals at an enlarged Boship roundabout.

This will do nothing to enhance the traffic flow, but only serve to cause significant traffic jams along the A271 through Lower Horsebridge and the southbound A267, plus encouraging the use of ‘rat-runs’ through adjacent roads to avoid the Boship roundabout.

Where is the professionalism of our current Highway Engineers? Have the ‘powers that be’ short memories?

The chaos that ensued when traffic signals were installed at the Cophall roundabout is surely not forgotten.

At least common sense prevailed there in the end.

The Boship roundabout could undoubtedly be upgraded, without traffic signals. However, a simple, quick and inexpensive enhancement would be to remove the current vegetation so that visibility around and across the junction was improved, thereby allowing drivers to clearly see other vehicles on and approaching the roundabout.

DK Bone

Lower Horsebridge,