It’s unfair that families going to early shows at the new Cineworld have to pay full parking charges

I read that the new Cineworld was opening soon at The Beacon and that parking after 6pm would be a flat rate of £1.

Sunday, 19th May 2019, 6:07 pm

However, I felt that this was unfair on families with younger children who would want early afternoon viewings or the morning showings.

They, especially if they wanted to combine it with eating and/or shopping, would face a much larger expense.

I contacted The Beacon explaining what I thought, wondering if they’d consider a parking discount scheme similar to that offered by some supermarkets? This was my reply from the centre manager.

Dear Ms Dennehy

Thank you for your email about the new cinema in The Beacon due to open in mid-July.

The car park will remain open until the cinema and restaurants close and the charge will be a flat rate fee of £1 after 6pm. This fee will be available to all customers visiting the cinema or simply enjoying a meal.

Should customers come shopping at, for example, 4pm and stay until 11pm the overall charge would be £3 which we believe represents good value.

Currently we are unable to offer other discounts.

I believe he completely missed the point as he made no reference at all to earlier family viewings.

Also his illustrated scenario was somewhat condescending in its explanation I thought.

I am OK with paying a pound ...(despite having had years of previously free parking) but still think it’s an unfair system for families.

Jan Dennehy (Mrs)

Barn Rise