Tide Mills rail crossing: ‘Just a clever ploy to rubber stamp proposal’

Proposed new crossing at Tide Mills
Proposed new crossing at Tide Mills

Re: Newhaven Proposed replacement of Tidemills level crossing with ramped footbridge.

The consultation period when written objections (or otherwise) were accepted by the authorities, has now closed and the Planning Committee are to hold their meeting to approve or otherwise on July 11 at Midhurst in West Sussex.

Of course members of the general public are always invited to attend such meetings in order to air their views but they have to register their intention to do so in order to be given an allotted time in which to speak.

In this case because of the distance from Newhaven, (49 miles by road which will take about one and a quarter hours) this can only be described as a very clever move because it is blatantly obvious that as a result few – if any – Newhaven residents will be prepared to make the journey, whatever their views about the proposal.

Why oh why is the meeting taking place in West Sussex when the proposal refers to somewhere in East Sussex which is where the meeting should take place. Newhaven, Seaford or even Lewes?

Just the usual clever ploy by a Planning Committee to be able to rubber stamp a proposal.

Pure hypocrisy.

Richard Beckett,

Fairholme Road