Train travel: can the next cabinet please exclude proven serial incompetents?

Southern Rail
Southern Rail

Dear Maria Caulfield,

CC Sussex Express

I thought the Southern Railway had exhausted the possibilities of surprising me any more. I was wrong.

Last week I tried to travel with my family from Lewes to Rye for a day. The train from Hampden Park to Rye stopped at Hastings, with its passengers told to leave and wait for the next train (an hour later).

The reason, the very helpful guard explained, was that the train was running out of fuel and would not manage to reach its destination, Ashford.

I asked whether there’d be a rail replacement bus to take us further.

No, he explained, the nearest bus that Southern could obtain would have to come from Sheerness, in north Kent, and would reach us in Hastings no sooner than the next train for the Ashford line could arrive.

Another triumph for Chris Grayling MP, sometimes laughingly described as the Secretary of State for Transport.

Whether we leave the EU or remain, whether Jeremy Hunt, Jeremy Corbyn or Mr Johnson is the next prime minister, please could we have a cabinet which excludes proven serial incompetents?

Alex Kirby

Prince Edward’s Road,