Warning to bikers: Think before speeding down Mill Road in Lewes

While I fully encourage the provision of safe cycle paths (who wouldn’t?), as a resident of Mill Road I would remind cyclists that Mill Road is still a road accommodating vehicles of all sizes and speeds with an unsign-posted and dangerous T-junction with The Lynchets.

Sunday, 8th September 2019, 9:08 am
Mill Road in Lewes Picture: courtesy of Google Street View SUS-190809-074314001

Cyclists regularly take advantage of the downhill aspect from Ringmer at speeds far in excess of cars and pay little or no regard for this junction, or cars exiting from blind driveway exits.

Although high speed is an unlikely element of the seemingly hard to find uphill Lewes to Ringmer route, it seems a timely opportunity to suggest cyclists heading in the other direction might use the shared territory of Mill Road with appropriate caution and respect for not only their own safety but also those who live, walk and drive in the vicinity.

I dread picking up a corpse from my driveway. As the established warning might read - ‘THINK, BIKERS’.

The comma is all important.

Neil Way

Mill Road,