We need to reclaim Lewes from all the traffic

Cycle Lewes was not surprised to read comments from cyclists in a recent issue of this paper (Friday, August 30) about the lack of/and or poor signage for cyclists.

Sunday, 22nd September 2019, 9:50 am

As the Lewes based cycling campaign group we have been calling for better signage across the town and we have been assured many times that this will happen, but nothing has. We are increasingly frustrated with being asked by East Sussex County Council (who are responsible for transport) to comment on, for example, the proposed National Cycle Route 90 (NCR90) signage numerous times over the past five years. Lots of planning, but no action on the ground!

We believed that funding was set aside for this work as part of a package of improvements from a sustainable transport fund several years. We have recently requested details on funding related to cycling related infrastructure and in addition we expect to meet with ESCC transport planners in October on a range of cycling related matters, including to long awaited cycling and walking strategy for both the town and the county.

With the climate crisis facing us there has never been a better time for investment in a range of sustainable transport initiatives; not only cycling but also walking and public transport.

It’s also time to reclaim our town for residents and visitors, not speeding traffic.

We would welcome cyclists letting us know more about the issues concerning them by emailing us at [email protected]

For further information on our work visit our website and have a look at our ‘Cycling Strategy for Lewes’.

Or better still join us and help us make the changes we would all like to see.

Sheila O’Sullivan

Chair: Cycle Lewes