Why do I have to do what Sussex Police are meant to do?

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When I called police recently to ask if they would ensure a van parked in what I believed to be a dangerous position was moved, I was told they would probably not do anything about it.

I was told about seven other people had contacted them about the van.

I found out where the owner lived and asked him politely if he would mind moving it as it was an accident waiting to happen. He seemed quite reasonable and told me that it was broken down and he was waiting for it to be towed away.

I offered to help him push it along the road but he said he would move it later. This he did about half an hour later.

It begs the question, why did the police not do the same as me in the first place.

It would save eight enquiries being made and save our time and the police’s time. The van is now in a much safer position and could have been so weeks ago.

Ron Pattenden

Lansdowne Road,