Why Sussex will soon be in total gridlock

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Regarding the Government telling us to build more houses, it is the well-off people who benefit the most, not the everyday person who cannot get on the ladder.

Designs of new houses are not everyone’s taste along with the costs of selling them.

With more and more homes built, it will result in gridlock.

The roads are now at breaking point, the queues at Exceat Bridge morning and afternoon build up every day.

With a lot of narrow roads in Sussex, the roads cannot take all this and a plan should be put in place, as we will create our own problem for the future years.

Parking is another problem where the councils benefit from the revenue. With more than 50,000 cars on our roads we have to stop somewhere – it is not encouraging for people to shop in towns, so online shopping will be the future.

D Myles

Brands Close

South Heighton