TRAFFIC: Long queues expected for fuel in Littlehampton and Rustington

PETROL stations are grinding to a halt this morning (Thursday, March 29), as dozens of motorists in Littlehampton and Rustington stock up on fuel.

Wide-spread queuing is expected across filling stations in the area, with some motorists expected to experience delays of up to 30 minutes in places, following mounting concern of an imminent strike by petrol tanker drivers.

A member of staff at the Tescos petrol station, in Littlehampton, confirmed that drivers would be queuing for more than 20 minutes for fuel.

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The BP service station, in Worthing Road, Rustington, is also experiencing delays of about 30 minutes, as motorists rush to fill their tanks amid fears of the looming strike action.

The Shell Garage, off the A259 Body Shop roundabout, is also reporting hold-ups of about five minutes.

However, the BP service station, in Crossbush, is claiming it is “business as usual”, with no reported queues.

Yesterday (Wednesday, March 28) hundreds of motorists across the area rushed to fill up their vehicles following the announcement by Prime Minister David Cameron that “sensible precautions” should be taken by drivers, in case a fuel tanker strike went ahead.

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This morning energy minister Ed Davey, has advised motorists to fill up their tanks when they become half-empty in case of a possible strike action.

Mr Davey recommended a change from common practice of drivers filling up when about a third full.

Earlier government advice to store petrol in jerrycans has since withdrawn as a mistake.