Traffic problem spot to be tackled in Hailsham

David White, Jo Bentley, Roy Galley, Bill Bentley
David White, Jo Bentley, Roy Galley, Bill Bentley

A traffic trouble spot in Hailsham is set to be tackled after plans were drawn up to help ease congestion in the area.

The MASHH Steering Group (Movement and Access Study for Hailsham and Hellingly) has announced plans to provide a loading bay for the Post Office in North Street in Hailsham to help ease traffic in the area when lorries are loading and unloading.

The group, which was set up to help improve traffic flow in Hailsham and Hellingly, claims the loading area will resolve traffic issues surrounding the bottleneck.

The group said work is being jointly funded by the Post Office and East Sussex County Council and will enable unloading without holding up traffic.

A new section of footway marked by bollards will also ensure the safety of pedestrians when lorries are unloading, the group said.

The group said it would be seeking views on the proposal early in the New Year and if successful work is programmed to take place in February 2014.

Further highway improvements schemes have also been proposed by the county council’s consultants for the High Street, Vicarage Lane, George Street, North Street and Market Street in Hailsham as part of wider road improvements identified by the steering group.

Hailsham Town Council will be hosting consultation meetings on these proposals with key stakeholders in January.

The county council and members of the steering group also intend to carry out a full public consultation on the proposals next spring.

Cllr Jo Bentley, Chairman of MASHH, said: “We are determined to keep up momentum on seeing the delivery of real improvements in Hailsham.

“I am particularly delighted that the Post Office has agreed to jointly fund a solution with East Sussex County Council to what is a longstanding local problem.

“I am also pleased that stakeholders will be able to come along to see the proposed improvements for the High Street, Market Street and VicarageLane. Their views will be especially important to MASHH members in arriving at final agreed solutions.”

The group said the consultation will also include additional ideas for improving traffic flows and pedestrian movement to help accommodate future growth of the town. The plans will include possible improvements to the Ersham Rd / South Road junction and the provision of a roundabout at the junction of Hempstead Lane and the A22. For information visit