Tragedy of cliff plunge woman

A SEAFORD woman left a suicide note for her husband and daughter and then plunged to her death from Seaford Head.

Vanessa Passmore, 51, of Went Hill Park, had a history of depression, an Eastbourne inquest heard on Tuesday.

Her body was found at the base of cliffs on June 21. She died as a result of multiple injuries caused by the fall.

Deputy coroner Joanna Pratt heard that Mrs Passmore had suffered depression in 1981, 1988. She went to her doctor complaining of anxiety and sleeping problems earlier this year and was prescribed anti-depressants.

A statement read out in court from community psychiatric nurse Sharon Scotford-Smith said Mrs Passmore admitted having suicidal thoughts but had no definite plan as to how she would take her life. However, she had talked 'vaguely' about drowning herself in the sea.

Mrs Passmore's husband Donald said his wife had become a recluse and stopped doing jobs around the home. She left her job as a personal assistant with a firm in Newhaven shipping blast furnaces abroad.

Mr Passmore said: 'Towards the end she questioned everything she was doing.'

On the day of Mrs Passmore's death her daughter came home and discovered the suicide note.

Mrs Passmore's cousin went to Seaford Head to look for her and found the Coastguard retrieving her body from the rocks below.

Verdict: suicide.